Backstage interviews: Vytis Smolskas

Vytis Smolskas – jazz pianist and composer. He arrived to the Netherlands a little bit more than a year ago. Currently he is studying in the Hague.

Music is a big part of Vytis life: “I think that one of the purposes of music is to make people a little bit better, to warm them up and to take over negative thoughts or emotions,” – young man debates. “There are very many people in the world who understand and perceive music in the same way however their work will never be the same. We are all different. I don’t think that its very important how my music is special, the main thing is to say why I do it. It is the starting point where everything is developing from.”

Lithuania for Vytis is home therefore very important part of his life, however he is taking part in the LTart.NL event for the first time. “Last year I was a viewer and when it comes to expectations, I heard somewhere that they diminish the joy of life therefore I am open to anything that can happen,” – smiles the musician.

As a main goal in his life Vytis names constant aspiration to learn the secrets to art of life and simply how “to be a happy man” whilst saying goodbye he wishes everyone who will come to the event on Saturday to “be open minded and sincere to one selves and to others”.

Interview prepared by E. Kvartunaite.

You can also read interviews Lithuanian versionhere.

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