LTart.NL 2014


LTart.NL is an annual art event, which gives a stage for Lithuanian artists to show their work and connect it to Dutch culture, as well as for Dutch and expat artists to engage with Lithuanian art scene. LTart.NL presents various disciplines of fine arts, as well live music concert and DJ program, and even an opportunity to taste some authentic Lithuanian cuisine. LTart.NL creates a unique atmosphere by bringing together people from various backgrounds and communities to express, experience, explore, share and enjoy!

This 5th edition of the event will take place on 6th of DECEMBER 2014 at the beautiful De POSTHOORNKERK church (Haarlemmerstraat 124-126) in Amsterdam. Structured in three parts, the event presents a Fine Arts Exhibition, live music performances and an evening concert – a perfectly balanced programme to cater for both art connoisseurs as well as art-curious and those wanting to just relax and have fun.

Ltart.NL 2014 will kick-off with a Fine Arts Exhibition REFLECTION, curated by an Amsterdam and Paris based Lithuanian artist Inga Cholmogorova, which invites some acclaimed and  upcoming international artists to present their interpretations of the theme REFLECTION through their work. The exhibition will present works from various disciplines combining painting, photography, sculpture, installation and live performance by the alumni and students of the best art education institutions in Lithuania and Holland such as Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Vilniaus dailės akademija, Riijksacademie, De Ateliers and Dutch Art Institute among others.

The day will proceed with classical and contemporary music performances, curated by Rima Dirsė. From classical piano music by Antonín Dvořák, to cheerful songs for kids by a performer from the famous Kinderen voor Kinderen group, to contemporary music genres such as jazz, funk, pop, etc., this part of the programme will make you cheer and smile and get in the mood for the evening.

For our evening concert we have invited a Lithuanian singer-songwriter Donatas Montvydas aka Donny Montell to perform live his most famous as well as latest pieces. Donatas is a successful participant of various TV-projects and a passionate performer, who represented Lithuania in the Eurovision song contest in 2012. After Donatas’ concert the evening will continue with an afterparty, powered with good beats by our DJs to keep you going till the end!

To keep up to date with the latest programme, follow our Facebook page, visit or find us on Twitter @LTart_NL.

The event is hosted by Lithuanian community in the Netherlands, together with Lithuanian Embassy, and brought to you by Lithuanian art enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

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