Eremita Žėkaitė-Jofré & Lidwien Lauret

eremitaEremita Žėkaitė-Jofré was born  in 1968 and grew up in Lithuania, where she started playing piano the age of 7. She studied at the J. Gruodis Higher Music School in Kaunas for four years and later on continued her studies at the Vilnius Music Academy, which she graduated from in 1993. She was twice the winner of the B. Dvarionas’ International Piano Competition for children up to 18 years of age.  After her graduation she worked as a piano teacher at “Gamma”, the first private elementary school in Lithuania. The school had a focus on music, dance and painting.

In 1995 she came to the Netherlands, where she followed master classes for accompanists with Rudolf Jansen, Roger Vignoles, Thom Bollen and Hans Adolfsen. She performed with various vocalists and instrumentalists and worked as a répétiteur and orchestra pianists for opera and oratorio. She also had the opportunity to perform Lithuanian music programs together with singer Rima Dirsė-Zijp.

Nowadays she has a thriving private teaching practice at her studio in Amsterdam and also teaches piano at the Music School of Amsterdam. She also often performs at the city’s “Centrum Beeldende Kunst” together with her colleagues.

She is happily married to an Argentinian guitar player and enjoys raising her two beautiful sons.

IMG_0012Lidwien Lauret (Netherlands, 1957) studied piano at the Schumann Academy with Ruud van Odenhoven and Barbara Tanner, obtained her diploma in 1997 and continued her studies with Liesbeth Hoppen and Frank van de Laar. She accompanied singers and played four hands with several pianists. She has a flourishing piano practice in Amsterdam and regularly performs at “Centrum  Beeldende Kunsten” (CBK) with colleagues, including Eremita Žėkaitė-Jofré.