The film programme consists of eight films and has a total length of around 2,5 hours.

  • Igloo (Iglu) | Marija Kavtaradze, Vytautas Katkus | 19’ 25” | teaser
  • The Queen of England Stole My Parents (Anglijos karalienė pagrobė mano tėvus) | Ernestas Jankauskas | 29’ 45” | teaser
  • Back (Namo) | Gabrielė Urbonaitė | 19’ 16” | teaser
  • Sigis | Tomas Gvozdas | 20’ 21” | teaser
  • I’m Not From Here (Aš čia tik svečias) | Giedrė Žickytė, Maite Alberdi | 25’ 48” | teaser
  • The Trolleybus-Man (Žmogus vielabraukis) | Jonas Trukanas | 15’ | teaser
  • The Noisemaker (Triukšmadarys) | Karolis Kaupinis | 15’ 29” | teaser
  • The Button (Saga) | Ieva Miškinytė | 5’ 48”
  • Mountains to Climb (Kalnai kalnai) | Marija Stonytė | 32’ 05”

* * * * *

Iglu_1Movie | Igloo (Iglu)
Director | Marija Kavtaradze, Vytautas Katkus
Producer | Klementina Remeikaitė
Duration | 19’ 25”
Year | 2015

A young woman Greta returns to Lithuania from abroad and finds out that her mother turned Greta‘as room into a hair salon. Unsure where to go, Greta sees a TV episode on igloos and decides to build one outside her mother‘s apartment building. Greta‘s igloo becomes the main issue of the neighborhood – not because it causes any inconvenience for the residents but simply because it annoys them.

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Angljos karaliene pagrobe mano tevusMovie | The Queen of England Stole My Parents (Anglijos karalienė pagrobė mano tėvus)
Director | Ernestas Jankauskas
Producer | Jurga Jutaitė, Justinas Pocus, Monika Sakalauskaitė
Duration | 29’ 45”
Year | 2014

The story revolves around a little 6 year old girl called Milda, a modern-day Pippi Long-stocking, who fights her loneliness with a help of her imagination and fantasies.

One day she is told by a strange woman that her parents, whom she has not seen in three years, have been kidnapped by the Queen of England. So she packs her stuff and heads for a rescue. The girl decides to head for the biggest rescue mission of her life. The journey finally brings her to the airport only to experience the biggest change in her life – she grows up.

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Back_02Movie | Back (Namo)
Director | Gabrielė Urbonaitė
Duration | 19’’ 16”
Year | 2016

Ieva, 22, comes back to her hometown Vilnius, Lithuania, after four years in Hollywood. During her first twelve hours at home, Ieva sees her mom and friends who project their false expectations on her, picturing Ieva as a successful actress and America as the land of opportunity. Ieva only reveals her doubts about her future to her ex-boyfriend Tadas. As they walk down the streets of Vilnius, Ieva notices how much her city has changed. The cinema where Ieva fell in love with movies is now closed. Instead, a supermarket is about to be built. In order to reconnect with the people and the city Ieva has to accept the fact that nothing stays the same.

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Filmas SigisMovie | Sigis
Director | Tomas Gvozdas
Producer | Laura Usaitė
Duration | 20’ 21”
Year | 2017

It‘s a story about Sigis – a baker from the suburb, who really wanted to change something in his life. He thought that it will happen only after he sets his talking fish free. His wish, in totally ridiculous circumstances, opened a magical portal for him, which transposed him to Spain. There he found those changes he was longing for,  which unfortunately appeared to be slightly different from what he expected.

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As cia tik sveciasMovie | I’m Not From Here (Aš čia tik svečias)
Director | Ernestas Jankauskas
Producer | Giedrė Žickytė, Maite Alberdi
Duration | 25’ 48”
Year | 2016

Day after day, an elderly woman recalls the Spanish Basque country of her youth — while forgetting she is consigned to a retirement home in Chile. The protagonist of the film is Josebe, a Basque woman who lives in a nursing home in Chile. Days slip by imperceptibly at this closed institution. Because of dementia, Josebe does not have an easygoing personality; she is stubborn and seldom manages to establish contact with other residents. Although the woman has lived in Chile for several decades, she still recalls her happy youth spent in the Basque town of Renteria. I’m Not From Here is a poignant documentary about old age and a desperate attempt at hanging on to the memories which are still very vivid.

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Zmogus vielabraukisMovie | The Trolleybus-Man (Žmogus vielabraukis)
Director | Jonas Trukanas
Producer | Monika Sakalauskaitė, Gabija Siurbytė
Duration | 15’
Year | 2016

“The Trolleybus-Man” is an absurd superhero comedy about the mechanic turned superhero who is fighting to preserve thing he loves the most – the trolleybuses.

Vilnius Trolleybus Park (no one really knows why the place where trolleybuses are docked is called “park”) is sold to a young investor, who wants to change trolleybuses to more convenient high-tech, wireless, pilotless vehicles. Needless to say, that this high-tech wonder will require very little maintenance, so the drivers and supporting staff will be fired.

But it is way more than that. Without the old trolleybuses the city is never going to be the same. And in this darkest hour the hero arises.

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THE NOISEMAKER_dir.Karolis Kaupinis_1.51.1Movie | The Noisemaker (Triukšmadarys)
Director | Karolis Kaupinis
Producer | Marija Razgutė, Kaska Krosny
Duration | 15’ 29”
Year | 2014

A distant provincial school is waiting for an official delegation from the Ministry. They’re about to bring a new school bell. This is not what the school needs though. Having shrunk throughout the years, it lacks two pupils to satisfy the governmental quota established for any school in the country to exist. The gift from the capital is a threat for the survival of the school. Anticipating the arrival of the delegation, the principal makes his best to mask the lack of pupils and avoid the unavoidable school closure.

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Filmas SagaMovie | The Button (Saga)
Director | Ieva Miškinytė
Producer | Valentas Aškinis
Duration |  5’ 48”
Year | 2012

Ieva Miskinyte born in Vilnius, Lithuania. 2007 has graduated animation from Vilnius Academy of Art. In 2012 she created her debut film „The Button“ at Vilanimos film studio. A cryptic story about the vast metaphorical lost and found, people and buttons, and the invisible yarn that connects and binds them all.

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Kalnai KalnaiMovie | Mountains to Climb (Kalnai kalnai)
Director | Marija Stonytė
Duration | 32’ 05”
Year | 2016

This movie is about Laima Armaliene – legendary Lithuanian traveler, known for her fearless journeys, guiding young tourists from Lithuania to the highest mountains around the world. “Mountains to climb” is a documentary, following her last journey – a three day camp for young tourists which she organized in attempt to share the priceless secrets and lessons of life she has learned over the years while traveling in the mountains. Is she going to be heard by the new generation? This journey will be her hardest mountain to climb.

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