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Backstage interviews: Vytis Smolskas

Vytis Smolskas – jazz pianist and composer. He arrived to the Netherlands a little bit more than a year ago. Currently he is studying in the Hague.

Music is a big part of Vytis life: “I think that one of the purposes of music is to make people a little bit better, to warm them up and to take over negative thoughts or emotions,” – young man debates. “There are very many people in the world who understand and perceive music in the same way however their work will never be the same. We are all different. I don’t think that its very important how my music is special, the main thing is to say why I do it. It is the starting point where everything is developing from.”

Lithuania for Vytis is home therefore very important part of his life, however he is taking part in the LTart.NL event for the first time. “Last year I was a viewer and when it comes to expectations, I heard somewhere that they diminish the joy of life therefore I am open to anything that can happen,” – smiles the musician.

As a main goal in his life Vytis names constant aspiration to learn the secrets to art of life and simply how “to be a happy man” whilst saying goodbye he wishes everyone who will come to the event on Saturday to “be open minded and sincere to one selves and to others”.

Interview prepared by E. Kvartunaite.

You can also read interviews Lithuanian versionhere.

MENU from Marceliukes Kletis!




Kepta duona (pan-fried garlic bread)

Kepta duona su sūriu (pan-fried garlic bread with chesse)

Kibinas su mėsa (Karaite pork pasty “Kibinai”)


„Didžkukuliai“ – cepelinas su mėsa (zeppelin with meat and cream sauce)

Bulvinis vėdaras (mashed potato sausage)

Bulvinis blynas (grated potato pancakes with sour cream sauce)

Bulvinis blynas su mėsa (grated potato pancakes with meat)


Šakotis (lithuanian tradicional cake „Šakotis“)

„Tinginys“ (tradicional chocolate-cookies cake)


Naminė duonos gira (homemade bread kvass)

Mineralinis vanduo (mineral water)

Lietuviškos sultys: Obuolių/Slyvų/Pomidorų (Lithuanian juice: Apple, Plum, Tomato)

Lietuviškas pilstomas alus (Lithianian beer)

Lietuviškas vynas „Voruta“ (Lithuanian wine)

Brendis „Alita“ (brendy)

Naminis karštas vynas su spanguolėmis ir medumi (Homemade hot wine)

Trauktinių degustacija (bitters): „Trejos devynerios“ / „Palanga“ / „Dainava“ / „Suktinis“

Gilių kava, pagardinta pienu (acorn coffee)

Žolelių arbata „Sveikata“ (tea form herbal)

Backstage interviews: Sonata Lepaite

I meet Sonata Lepaite to talk about her unique and original art. But how did everything start? She was born and brought up in Telsiai, Lowlands of Lithuania. She graduated at Siauliai University Faculty of Education in Primary Education (BAed) and Arts & Crafts of Secondary Education (BAed). Next she graduated at The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) where her degree was in Fine Art (BAfa). She combines her art work (paper sculptures: ) with projects on art and education for children and her Arts&Crafts work at the Amsterdam post-school Childcare Center ‘KinderRijk’.

Sonata has been living in the Netherlands for almost a decade: “All those years ago I felt a strong need to get away from the environment I was born into. Due to personal circumstances I was able to grow and experience new cultures, develop my self personally and professionally.” Despite that, the artist still feels strongly about Lithuania. It will always be a special country that went through turbulent political and cultural changes.

Sonatas art is very interesting: “The main vehicle in my current work is paper, it’s texture, composition and nature, and of course it’s handling and processing. Paper pulp is willing, gratefully modelled and edited as a wet lump of clay.” How does it all work I was wondering: “For my sculptures I use newspaper pulp, colour pigments, oils and binding medium in order to change and stabilize my material. Protective casings are a fundamental necessity for all new life. They are nurseries, sanctuaries for growth and security. Simultaneously they are also needed for deceased remains as in a sarcophagus. My casings are vehicles in the relentless process of growth and decay. In my experience and in my sculptures all these scales, pods, shells and cocoons are a metaphor for the deep-seated, universal desire to be embraced, cherished, wrapped, nurtured and cuddled. “

During her sculptural research, Sonata noticed that the nature and feel of paper medium evoked powerful, stimulating memories and associations of her agrarian upbringing in Lithuania. Guided by scales, pods, cocoons, nut- and avocado shells she seeks tangible sculptural transformations. These cases protect their content when they themselves are vulnerable. They evoke in her a sense of transience and temporary security.

Sonata shares her philosophical thoughts and spiritual intuition not only on her art but also about her life: “Neither past, nor future is in my power to be changed. I live now. I try to reach the best outcome of everything that I am working on in the present. Its important to listen to the environment as well as to myself and according to that, consider my options and make my decisions. Life to me is a journey to be experienced to the limit. The same goes for my sculpture – its not a premeditated plan but the process which must be open for new inspiration, change and direction.”

It is going to be the first time for Sonata to take part in LTart.NL project therefore we all are excited and looking forward to experience her sculptures.

Interview prepared by E. Kvartunaite.

You can also read interviews Lithuanian versionhere.

Backstage interviews: Violeta Valskyte

Violeta is going to be a part of the jazz/pop part of the musical program at LTart.NL. When I ask her how she would introduce herself, what kind of person she is, she just says: “I am still on the way to find that out. However, being serious I could define myself in two words: stubborn idealist”, she smiles.

While describing Lithuania, her motherland, as a billiard table – a country with four seasons, beautiful vivid nature, Violeta came to the Netherlands for a visit, to discover the country, its towns and people. She’s been singing for a while now and she says she looks at all the music as special. “It’s like a medicine for the soul”, – she says dreamy. “Depending on the trouble and its symptoms, one needs to choose the best cure”.

In the projects LTart.NL Violeta taking part for the first time with hopes to have a great time, to exchange ideas and to meet new people. She is a very creative good willing person whos striving to sing, create and help others: “simply said, I just want to be happy”, – singer smiles. “Work hard from your heart, do it step by step, be sure to do everything that’s in your power and the power of God will bring you where you belong”.

Interview prepared by E. Kvartunaite.

You can also read interviews Lithuanian versionhere.

Backstage interviews: guests A. Gotesmanas & R. Dichavicius

This year project LTart.NL is presenting annual event on the 26th of November in Amsterdam. This years concept is uniting both artists from Lithuania as well as Lithuanians and Dutch creating here in the Netherlands. LTart.NL is working on starting a creative dialogue among different artistic forms and expressions.

Two very special event guests arriving from Lithuania are Arkadijus Gotesmanas, who will present his monoplay „The Story of God‘s Man“, and photographer Rimantas Dichavicius, who will present his exhibition „A Memorial for a Monument“.

Both photographs and monoplay are touching very special and delicate subjects of complex period in the Lithuanian history. Intimate stories from virtuoso percussionist Gotesmanas life merged into a musical one-man play. The story about the love of a man and his place in life will be told as we will hear a small confession without a real sin. “Life is measured not in its length but in moments that take ones breath away,” – says the artist. “The Story of Gods Man” is a compilation of those moments. Its artists first attempt to create theatrical canvas out of intimate life details, emotions and musical motives.

The exhibition from a respectable photographer R. Dichavicius is like a very subtle background to this play. The exposition is like a silent echo, a shadow, a memory of something that doesn’t exist anymore. Grave stones are monuments, however, that represent a still more subtle layer – they are love and pain bonded through tears. The life of a human being continues through the memory of him, the love for him, the continued work on an uncompleted task. Grave stones are sacred symbols that join earthy existence with cosmic infinity.

Organisers of LTart.NL are extremely proud of this unique opportunity to try to combine all those very different themes, history with modern technologies and contemporary arts. Not to forget that all the visitors will have a chance to taste some great pearls of the Lithuanian cuisine.

Atricle prepared by E. Kvartunaite.

You can also read interviews Lithuanian versionhere.

Backstage interviews: Marija Kavaliauskaite

Marija Kavaliauskaitė is a photographer who arrived to the Netherlands for the first time around 3 years ago. She started her carreer as a photographer in Amsterdam.

LTartNL event she is going to present a series of portraits of Lithuanian professionals living in the Netherlands.

E: Why did you come to the Netherlands?

M: I came here for really personal reasons – I felt in love.

E: What makes your art special?

M: My art is not special at all. The moments are special, I capture them. [smiling]

E: What are your expectations for LTartNL?

M: I am always very happy with all Lithuanian community in the Netherlands organized cultural events. It is nice to have a possibility to share and connect with the people from your country while you are abroad. Talking about this event especially, I expect to see different Lithuanians in a different way. .

E: How do you usually present Lithuania to foreigners?

M: Like a beautiful and small wonderland. [smiling]

E: What does Lithuania mean to you?

M: Lithuania is my home country. I was physically born and physically grew up there, but at the same time, I can’t say that I miss Lithuania. Actually, wherever I am I never want to leave and i am always happy by being somewhere else and it makes no sense if it’s another town, country or another side or the ocean.[smiling]

E: What is your biggest goal in life?

M: Always grow be better than I am now, this is the most important to me.

E:What would you like to wish to everyone who will come to the event?

M: Perfect mood and a sunny day!

E: If you were to choose just one photograph out of all the ones you took, what would it be?

M: To be honest with you, photography is a very big part of my life, it always was and it always will be. I would choose an empty one. That way it would be less painful to me I guess :)

E: Thank you for your time!

M: Thank you!

Interview prepared by E. Kvartunaite.

You can also read interviews Lithuanian versionhere.