2015 Artists

LTart.NL 2015: Interlude

Asta Žadeikytė (NL)



Asta is an artist from Lithuania. For the last 6 years she has been living in Utrecht. Asta has finished Multimedia Studies at Siaulai University. However, instead of continuing with multimedia she moved to fine arts, where she was able to express herself.

“My paintings are of deep souls and conscious expressions, and during their creation take on shape and colour. I want to convey truth in my art and let people delve into a new world and new consciousness.“

More info: http://astatute.wix.com

Leila Abasova (NL)

Adventures, curiosity and eagerness to explore the unknown brought her from Lithuania to the Netherlands in 2009. This move and this country gave her the chance to mix up with the tastes, flavors and colors.

“It’s not that I was rebLeilaellious, it’s just that I didn’t fit there. They were different or I was different. I left to explore and to find new lands. Amsterdam gave me the amazing feeling of freedom. Freedom helped me to express myself and first of all on the canvas. My paintings reflect the emotions and the memories. Most of paintings are connected with people that crossed my heart and with travels that inspired me.“

 More info: http://leilaabasova.daportfolio.com/


Visvaldas Morkevičius (LT)
“Public Secrets”

Visvaldas Morkevičius (b. 1990, lives and works in Vilnius) is a Lithuanian photographer and media artist whose work situates itself in between fashion, documentary and artistic fields. His minimalistic visual regard holds interest in sub-cultural scenes, bodily identities and urban lifestyles.


The Public Secrets exhibition is a collection of urban experiences. The geography of these experiences spans both the city’s nightlife (as well as what’s left behind the scenes) and private spaces which provoke and, often, dictate specific actions. The city is a setting that produces situations, in which one can participate and, by participating, change the contours of this space, at least in the sense of perception and seeing.

At 2007 started to work as assistant for commercial photographer Gediminas Zilinskas in Vilnius, after one year went to Paris to document painter Cedric Lollia works and his life. From then till now mostly is working in fashion and advertisement industries, collaborating with other artists as a photographer: Future Music magazine, Citizens of humanity magazine, Kritika Artzine, L’OFFICIEL Lithuania, L’OFFICIEL Vyrams, Intelligent Life, D.Efect, Irakli (fr), Faith connexion (fr) , secretthirteen.org, “Gardens of god”, “Lehar”, “Ten Walls”, Dainius Bendikas, GP (Giedrius Paulauskas), Mother Eleganza, Uzupio14, NWind, Silence Music, Magic, 370 and other main Lithuanian magazine, “Paris Elite Model management ”, “Next model management Paris”.


2015 “Public Secrets” Arts printing House, solo exhibition, Vilnius
2015 “550” gallery “Vartai” Vilnius, group exhibition
2011 “Moterys pries smurta” exhibition, co-author
2010 Lithuanian Press Photo, group exhibition
2008 “Susipazinkime”, group exhibition


2013 “5/5/Junior”
2012 “SNAP” photo conference


2014 – Current Residency at “Art printing house”
2015 Lithuanian Council for Culture, Artist scholarship

The Public Secrets photo book is a collection of urban experiences. The geography of these experiences spans both the city’s nightlife (as well as what’s left behind the scenes) and private spaces which provoke and, often, dictate specific actions. The city is a setting that produces situations, in which one can participate and, by participating, change the contours of this space, at least in the sense of perception and seeing.

The author captures the environment (the city and its people) in a distinctive manner that is intimate, subjective and minimal. These are poignant sensations, charismatic characters, public stories and private truths. Yet the photographer never violates privacy, as, while being a participant and witness of events, he focuses on eloquent details of the situation. Vivid shots become an individual phenomenological study comprising scenes from the backstage of culture and everyday life, which are as crucial for getting a comprehensive and genuine view of the city as is its official, façade image.

More info: http://cargocollective.com/visvaldas

 Gytis Skudžinskas (LT)

Quiet Life


The works in this series abandon the parameters of space and time that facilitate orientation, and seek to address the over saturated market of reproduced images.
A photograph devoid of an event and message disorients the viewer and does away with the experience of vision as fast cognition. Images captured in nature sites and public or private spaces do not convey those locations’ precise parameters, but rather comprise a continuous visual structure, the principal objective of which is to emphasize the line between the visible and the invisible, the familiar and the foreign, the natural and the social, instead of reproducing the present situation.

More info: http://www.gys.lt/

Vaidoto Gegemotas (BE)
Selected works

Vaidoto Gegemotas  was born on 25 November , 1969, in Vilnius, Lithuania.  He has not discovered a talent for the fine arts when he was young and decided to study engineering. However, an art therapy teacher , Živilė Malukaitė, after meeting him in the middle of the dark Lithuanian forest  encouraged him to study art.  But prophecy did not come true then – in 2003. Only in 2010 Vaidoto changed his life: he abandoned the noise of the Lithuanian capital and moved his family to a quiet, forested corner of Belgium – Mol, where he entered an Academy of fine and applied arts, ( Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten) in Mol, where he continues his studies of painting under Cedric Vandenbossche until now.

Seven deadly sins 500 years later revisited

Seven deadly sins 500 years later revisited

Not stopping there, he studied graphic art techniques under Kitty van Engeland,  Léon Leenders and Hilde van den Heuvel in de Atelier Blauwhof in Kessel. He improved water – colours painting skills under Gerda Mentens and Ellen ten Kroode and model drawing techniques under Frans Vanryckeghem.

During the LTart.NL you will be able to see Vaidoto’s painting called “Seven Deadly Sins 500 years later revisited”, which has been selected for a famous BOSCH OPEN EXPO and will be exhibited in the Kruithuis from March 2016.
‘Resonances’, the festival at Expo Milan 2015 October
ZomerExpo 2015 Woest, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Eindhoven Art, 18-19 April, 2015
“Leithian chronicles” from January 2015 to now at “Leiciu bravoras”, Vilnius , Lithuania
“Trip to Europe” still performance in 10 poems and 15 paintings, Brussels, Belgium
Art exhibition ‘Lithuania’ November 2013 Geel, Belgium

More info: http://www.saatchiart.com/Vaidoto

Stasys (Stan) Cepe (BE)                                                                                                                       Sculptures

stasys1Stasys was born on 8 January , 1974, in Panevezys, Lithuania. At this moment he is working and living in Belgium.

Stasys says that in his art he is trying to accommodate abstract ideas by giving them abstract forms, which convey the impact done by ancient Greece. Stasys’ sculptures are named after ideas of ancient Greek philosophers: Apeiron, Harnonija, Aisthesis, etc.

Asta Kulikauskaitė (BE)
Perspective photography

Sven years ago Asta moved from Lithuania to Brussels, Belgium and has been working as a teacher in European school in Brussels.

Perspective photography

Perspective photography

When Asta was in 6thgrade she was learning about the photography during the physics lessons. One day her friend brought a camera to the class and Asta asked whether she could take some pictures and since then she started shooting pictures every time and everywhere: nature, objects, people, family, ants, flowers and etc.

For Ltart.NL the photographer is going to present her project with class children. These pictures prove that small children are able to see and understand the perspective, to observe the beauty of nature and world. Asta is trying to show, that without “Photoshop”, you can see perspective everyday and every time.

Sigitas Baltramaitis (LUX)                                                                                                                  Photography    

sigitasSigitas was born Nov. 4, 1956 in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. He grew up in the city but from the early years he would cherish the time spent in the nature. When Sigitas was ten or twelve he took a trip to the woods together with his friends and with his camera. They tried to take pictures of some wild animals and the seed of love for photography was sown.

Colors of India

Colors of India

At the end of his studies in the secondary school he got interested in arts and he decided to study architecture at Vilnius Technical University. Later the artist understood that  this is too technical for his taste and he quit the studies. As a support for his painting he started taking pictures and he did not even notice how photography became the main venue for his creativity.

In his works the photographer observes the reality around him in a quiet way. Instead of flashy and impressive events he would choose to explore very ordinary, common life events, he would look for something that is so common that most people would not care to notice. 

More info: http://baltramaitis.com/fine-art/colors-of-india/

Rusnė Jakaitytė (NL)
Classical piano

rusneRusnė has entered a music school and started to play piano when she was 6 years old. All this was influenced by her pianist father. “He brought me to the music world” Rusne says. After 12  years of school she went to Music and theater university and graduated as Conductor and music didactic specialist.

After the studies Rusnė was working – traveling and staying in the Netherlands. She felt in love with the country and now calls it home.

At this moment she is busy with her own music activities and performances. Also, she is giving piano and music lessons.

Rusnė will perform “Žiemos eskizai” by Balys Dvarionis (Lithuanian composer). The piano part of “Žiemos eskizai” presents the nature through child’s mind. The piece incorporates all childish winter activities: awaiting the first snow, building a snowman, evening skating, white snow and glittering stars above and finally New Year’s celebration. All this creates emotion and allows to observe the nature through our daily lives.

Lithuanian Collective (NL)

Lithuanian Collective is a combination of jazz musicians that are currently residing in the Netherlands and have gathered under the leadership of Lithuanian drummer Augustas Baronas. The members of the band are students from the three biggest jazz schools in the Netherlands: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Codarts (Rotterdam) and Koninklijk Conservatorium (Den Haag).

For Ltart.NL they prepared a mixed set of traditional, modern and original jazz tunes that are bound to make you tap your fingers and feet.